salad time

Whats up with me and food recipes right now? I never thought I'd be blogging about that...

So tonight I made a scrumptious salad, as I was eating it kept thinking that this salad could change the world. Don't really know how but its possible.

Pinky and the Brain Salad
Spinach Rotini Pasta      
Fresh Spinach
FRESH mozzarella
boiled egg
black olives-if had some in the house.

Dressing: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pesto, salt and pepper.


whit said...

this looks delish! did you create it, because the name of it is wonderful!!!

curtandjuliemartin said...

YUM!!! I seriously want you to come make all of this delicious wonderful food for me!! You are amazing!

Costi said...

soras i love y'all! how great that we are all three virtually together again.

whit, i did create it and the name. thanks. and i heart your new pic!

julie, i'll totally have to come sometime!

TheOriginalSzuszi said...

Am facut azi si a picat la fix, sa stii!