some things i've learned about children

Since working with three, four, and five year olds everyday, I've definitely learned a few things and there's so much more to learn! Lately I've really tried to take time and actually listen to the kids. Its hard to do it all the time when you have 13 little ones talking to you at once and usually repeating the same thing over and over. But even just taking out a little time to really look at them in their eyes when they are talking. You feel more connected to them as a human, as if you're really not that different. Which we aren't. A lot of the things that God has taught me through these kids can be applied to people of all ages. Adults are still vulnerable, not that much different than children.

This is a picture of one of my best friends in the class, Mariah. This is a common view of her, at my height. This smile is what you get when you actually look at the child and attempt to really understand them and get over them chanting your name day by day. I truly love them.


mel said...

this is so true. kids are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post and soooooo true. I need to spend more time looking into my kids eyes and really listening. I have learned so much from you Naomi. You have been a blessing not only to my daughter... but my entire family.