my best friends' day

this is my dear, awesome best friend in the world Jenn! it was her 28th birthday this past march. and we had the THE most special day! her husband let me spend the whole day with her! she came over with her two children that morning. it was close to easter so i got 28 eggs and hid them all over my house and inside each egg was one thing i love about her. the kids found the eggs and jenn glued the pieces of love on a big sheet of paper, to refer back to when feeling down. then her wonderful husband came and picked up the kids, so we could be just us!

ever since college jenn and i would make CD mixes called N&Jenn. she doesn't have quite the time to dedicate to keeping up with new, or even old music anymore, so i made her a Best of N&Jenn CD! then i made her her favorite salad for lunch. and our favorite dessert warm brownies with ice cream.

then we went to Monroe (a bigger city 30 minutes away from Ruston) and went shopping! i helped her pick out a black dress! then came back home and went around Ruston taking pictures, like we used to do in college. the whole day about 9 years ago, was just a typical day in our lives. shop, talk, take pics, eat bad food. it was sooo refreshing and so much fun! also her sister in law took the kids in the afternoon so that helped us feel so free and not worried about time or anything.

i love this girl and am so grateful for her influence in my life! i don't think i'd be the same without her. She is one of the most selfless, giving people i know.

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Jenn said...

i can't believe i'm just now reading this post! i'm so behind on life. naomi, you are so sweet and amazing. i'm so honored and feel undeserving to have such words said about me. you're awesome and i love you so much!!