One funny night

When my parents moved into their new house in Shreveport, about a month ago, it was exhausting! At the end of lots of lifting when the uhaul was finally empty, we went to drop off the uhaul. You have to return it with a certain amount of gas ya know. So we got gas, and after my brother was driving away he realized that there wasn't the exact amount. By that time, we were really close to the drop off place, so we decided to stop at a gas station and buy one of those portable red gas pumps and just fill that up. We weren't in the best part of town by the way. My mom and I were waiting in the car for Dre to come out of the convenience store with the gas. He finally came out and stopped by the car with two big water bottles, smiled and said "are you thirsty?" I still hadn't made the connection until a few seconds after chugging as much water as I could, I realized that those bottles were to be filled with gas! Here are some dark images from that fun adventure.

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mel and michael said...

y'all are too funny!