a dear friend

her name is Naomi. I met her on my first day at Wildflower Montessori School, August of 2007. above is a picture from that time...

She's from Massachusetts and we hit it off ever since that day, felt a common bond with the same name and all. She was with me during a real hard time in my life, even one of the hardest days i've had thus far. she kept in touch with me when i moved away, and now we have been back together again in Ruston, at the same school again, and we are neighbors! Both of our lives have changed quite dramatically since that first day we met.

one thing i can say about her is how big her heart is! she wants to help people, is soooo complimentary, is such a good mother to her two boys, she's very sacrificing, almost too sacrificing. i often wish she would do more for herself rather than others around her. she has grown an enormous amount over these years.

she will be moving to Texas for a fresh start, and i am brought to tears just thinking about it. i will miss her a lot! but lucky for us, the universe still wants us to be in each other's lives because she's moving to Dallas, where my grandparents live and most likely my brother and his wife will live there. so i'll still get my dose of naomi!

here are some recent hot pics of her! happy mother's day!!

her and her beloved Sugar Glider
love you girl

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