houses of today

This post is extremely overdue. In 2007 in lived in Southern Illinois for a short while. My mom attended art classes at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, and I enrolled in a drawing class as well. Meanwhile, we met a wonderful Masters student named Sharon. She was about to finish her degree, and was a nontraditional student. She is very talented, creative and outside of the box. One day my mom and I were having coffee with her and she was telling us about how her and her husband just built a home...their dream home. Well turns out it became more of a burden than an enjoyment. Not only during the building process, but also afterward. The house was so big and empty, hard to heat, etc.  

After we all moved down to Alexandria Sharon had her Senior Showcase and I was able to attend back in October of 08. Here are some shots of her work. These are all prints based around the idea that American houses are getting larger and larger, while families are becoming smaller and smaller. And the about the burden of the home. 


Jennifer Rose said...

I appreciate this post. This is so interesting! I've always been fascinated with older, smaller homes, and thought about the lifestyles of large families living in them. It seems like they spent more time socializing and playing outside than spending all their time inside, as it seems many families do today. Does your friend have a blog? I'd be interested to read/see more.

Costi said...

That is a good point, most large homes i see look totally empty. I'm glad you enjoyed it! as far as i know she doesn't have a blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow... what a great post. Loved it. So much truth to it! We so miss you!!!!!!!!!! Were your ears burning lately???? I sure had some amazing things to say about you to a certain someone who called. You are awesome and we miss you. Ann Marie still doesn't quite "get it" that you aren't going to be there when school starts. She loves you so much and told me you were so sweet to her. We love you.