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As you may or may not know, I recently made the decision to move to Shreveport from Ruston, since my Masters program is offered at an off campus location in a larger city. I decided to do this for a number of reasons. A few are that I wouldn't have had work in Ruston for the summer, plus I'd rather live in a bigger city. I did this without having a job lined up in Shreveport. I left my best friend and the chance to teach her daughter in Preschool next year, and upon two weeks prior to me moving I met a wonderful new companion with whom I very much enjoy spending endless amounts of time. (who also lives in Ruston, and will be there starting September) My number one goal since I've been in Shreveport has been to find work. Everyone who has experienced job hunting knows that it can be very exhausting, hard to stay motivated, and even depressing. I was actually blessed to have had numerous options from which to choose! In the midst of choosing between two places of work, I get a phone call from the Director of the Montessori School of Shreveport, with whom I met a few weeks past but she didn't know if she had a full time position. Well, she does!! And its pretty much more than I could have asked for! I wanted to work with children, aside from my love for them, the schedule and hours works well with my schooling. And she really appreciates my education and values it, so I'm compensated for it! I couldn't be more thrilled and thankful. I have had lots of support and prayers from the people around me, and for that I'm grateful. I know good things don't happen alone. This is just one of the many gifts that are manifested in my daily life!


The Daltons said...

YEA!!! Congratulations!! That is super exciting news, I'm so happy for you and am jealous that you get to live in Shreveport.

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness.... I am so proud of you. They have no idea what an amazing, loving, compassionate teacher they are getting. I am sooooo jealous. We will miss you so much at school :(