bobbi brown

So I often times use my blog as a way of coveting. When I really want something but know I "shouldn't" necessarily have at the time or at least a designer brand of the product. In order to keep myself from overspending my limits I post about it and still feel somewhat fulfilled, while giving me the opportunity to share quality with others.

My current want--Bobbi Brown makeup. There is nothing like it. If you are looking to try a new line of makeup or are looking for stuff that actually does a good job, its Bobbi Brown. You will not be sorry. When I worked at Neiman's I bought a full face of Bobbi Brown makeup with a large discount. I'm now out of my foundation and I'm pretty tempted to buy this bottle for $42.00!! Can you believe the cost!?
But look there's a special.....

Well I probably don't need to spending this kind of money on a bottle of foundation, despite the freebees. Maybe with my first paycheck :)

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