the year of consigning

For the past year now, I've had a goal to only buy used clothing. To save money but also just to challenge my own ability to make a good, fashionable outfit without buying the latest trend. I wanted to challenge myself to make my own clothes, but as soon as I started school, that was out the window. I must admit, my mom ever so generously did purchase a few new things for me at one of my favorite discount stores, TJ Maxx. But other than her small splurges I have stuck to my goal and its been very refreshing! I haven't had to waste hours pondering a purchase to make. Or go to a store and mourn not being able to make a purchase. And I've been blessed with opportunites to consign at a seasonal consignment shop in Ruston and also traveling to big cities where they have a Buffalo Exchange. It's been a blast! I think I will continue to challenge myself. I went to Target this week with a good friend of mine and made my first two new purchases of the summer (on sale of course).

here are a few images of the gems I've found

a Michael Korrs watch bought at New to You in Shreveport
and a L.A.M.B. watch from Buffalo Exchange in Denver

These two are from My Girlfriends' Closet in Ruston
with all the selling I've been able to do I usually break even, so thats been awesome!

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