Closet organizing

Yep I do this too! I just recently moved to Shreveport, back in with Mom and Dad til I finish school. So I downsized from three bedroom two baths all to myself to a room and sharing a bathroom with my brother. As you may have guessed, I have A LOT of clothes. In order to have a desk for my studies in my room, I had to forgoe a dresser. It was a hard decision since I had a lovely large retro dresser. But I decided to take on the challenge of closet organizing and it turned out super! I've always liked organizing and I love clothes so those two go along well together. If anyone in my area is interested in this please let me know! I'll work!

I intend to color code all this next week I imagine. I was just too proud of my work to wait.

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Jennifer Rose said...

I wish we lived closer so I could hire you to come over and organize! I love your closet! Love you!

Costi said...

jenn rose!!!!! are you kidding me!! i've been thinking about you lately! YES i'd come to utah to work! miss you so much!! we've got to catch up!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl..... we super super miss you!!!!!!! I hope all is going fantastic for you!!!!! Miss and love you!!!

christine and ann marie

Anonymous said...

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