two of four

Getting things I want is something I thoroughly enjoy and am never ceased to be amazed by how things easily fall into my lap. My sister, Rachel and I got manis and pedis a few weeks ago in Shreveport. She informed me of these new, awesome Alice colors! I immediately wanted to partake in this fun trend! So it was decided.

Then a few weeks ago we had Teacher's Appreciation Week at my work. I was given a gift card for a pedicure and inside the bag was the bright blue nail color called "Absolutely Alice"! How awesome!....still wanting one of the red colors, however...one of my coworkers came up to me with a red nail color and said "do you wear this type of dark nail color, I don't". I said "of course!"....and looked on the bottom and it said "Thanks so muchness", which another Alice color!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! Still have "off with her red" and "mad as a hatter" to add to the collection, although I'll still be quite happy with what I have nonetheless.

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Costi said...

actually now its 3 of 4. my awesome boyfriend bought me "off with her red"!!