nearly seven days ago

its quite funny how life can throw you things to just make you stop and learn and adjust.

last Tuesday was just a normal day of work at Montessori, in the middle of my lunch break i noticed myself really not feeling well. i felt pain in my abdominal. as i got in the class room i felt like i was going to faint, i noticed myself sweating and feeling like i was going to black out. i texted corwin and told him i was feeling a ten out of ten on the pain scale. i got one of the secretaries and she put me in a room and i ended up throwing up three times. she took me home, i had a fever, i took some pain pills and slept. when my dad got off work about 8 o'clock he felt my stomach and the pain was where my appendix is, so he said "lets go to the ER". i spent all night there, taking CAT scans. they figured out i had a perforated appendix and that i needed surgery to have it taken out that day. the surgery was about 3pm. i was so drugged out that i don't remember too many details. i had to stay in the hospital two days later to have a drain get the rest of what had burst inside my body.

i had LOTS flowers, visitors, and people caring for me and supporting me! it was amazing! my parents were heroes. my corwin was with me EVERY second and still is as i'm recovering. i need to stay home til Friday when i get my staples out and cannot drive and lift.

its very strange being home and not really being able to do anything. but i've got SO much to be grateful for! this experience taught me to slow down a bit, appreciate the small things, and see the bigger picture. i'm grateful to God that things weren't worse and that the surgery went well.

and i'll never forget this stuff because i'll be paying the bill for the rest of my life.

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The Daltons said...

I'm so happy that everything turned out well, I'm sorry you had to go through that! It doesn't sound like fun but I'm glad you're doing ok!