This photo depicts many colors of lights being reflected. I will, in a limited amount of lines, attempt to recount some things I've been reflecting on and have been shown and experienced over the past few months.

Diversity- I've taken a multiculturalism class this summer and have learned about many intricacies about ethnicity that many of us look over. Also my culturally rich-in diversity, boyfriend has opened my eyes to many cool new details about his Thai and African American background.

Work-The blessing of work and importance of it. Stretching yourself to balance work and play, money and fun etc. Also working in other aspects of life, understanding people, being patient with them, working on myself everyday.

Focus- Although this photo isn't necessarily in sharp focus, it is something that applies. What you choose to focus on. Color, line, sky, buildings, etc. The same goes for life. You can focus on hitting a curb and getting a flat  (as I did this summer with my brother's car) or you can focus on the reparation and the teamwork it took to repair it. You can focus on the darkness and bleakness of a situation or on the waves that make the ripples beautiful.

All in all, at the end of the day, I'm grateful to have work to use my abilities God gave me and touch others, I'm so happy God created us all so different and that Jesus helps us put things back in focus when they get blurred. And all throughout the dark times we are loved.

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