sneakin' around!

Since I currently work in a school with cute, fun kids all day, I get to see their adorable clothes and you know it gets my wheels a turnin'! In case you haven't heard of Twinkle Toes by Sketchers, they are all over the place in kids' Fashion!

I love to dress up fun for the kids and on holidays and such so I couldn't resist buying a pair of adult Twinkle Toes!!

I wanted to take a picture with myself and a couple of the girls wearing Twinkle Toes, but I didn't have the heart to exclude the girls not wearing Sketchers....

Oh and since we are on the topic of sneakers, I had to include a current designer sneaker that I've got my lustful eye on. Check out these Lanvins. 

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Miss Deja said...

How cute! I have a pair of glitter pink sneakers that I love and spawned the name of my current blog, that' show much I love them! :)