I recently had my Spring Break from work and I was able to spend a day doing fun stuff for others. As you know, it was Jenn's golden birthday. I've been wanting to make a French bulletin board for a while now, so I decided that Jenn's birthday was good motivation to start! Here it is. I made it gold of course, and tried to choose colors that would match their living room decor. I thought it would come in handy by their computer desk, since she does photography and there are photos and invitations all around. She ended up really liking it.
Also, my friend, Corwin is a very talented actor and I had the opportunity to see him perform in a Mystery Dinner Theatre. I was excited to support this event because I knew he had put a lot of work into it. I wanted to give him some sort of congratulations gift. Usually, flowers are popular, but I decided to go with something a bit more manly and make him a candy bouquet! It was really fun doing it, and not very hard. He loves candy, so I got him some from World Market, all over the world! It also was a hit! And the show was  BLAST!!

Well, I guess the global candy isn't pictured so well here. And I added the bow and a star afterwards. But you get the idea. 


The Daltons said...

You are so creative!! I love the candy bouquet idea!

gleenn said...

I love that you create creative stuff. I think the most difficult thing about being creative is finding the time to be one. I myself have a lot of things in mind to do, as well as talents to top, but can't hardly get time to do. I admire that despite your business, you're able to top the creative side of you. :)