the lost shoe

I love to shop at Buffalo Exchange and last year I found these beauties pictured below. I loved them! I love the vintage look and the thicker and lower heel than platforms. And of course I loved the red!! 

Well, I lost them. 
In Houston.
In December. 

I'm still tragically mourning the loss. Nearly daily. So I decided to heartbrokenly try to replace them. Here are some options I came up with and I will list why. Feel free to cast your vote. 

I obviously love these for two reasons: Marc by Marc Jacobs and the kisses! I feel like these are pretty timeless. No real replacement for the red or the vintage but still masterpieces. 
Then there are these Top Shop unique asymmetrical heels! I like the edgy sharp lines and attitude. The only thing I would be worried about is the ankle strap and how it might feel or reduce the appearance of the length of my leg. 
I ran across these Bass Lady Oxfords from Nordstrom a while back. These are great because of the black and white, can't beat that! And I appreciate the vintage quality. 

So, there you have it. All these glorious options to replace my broken heart. 


Miss Deja said...

I love the first pair with the kisses! They are fun and feminine. They would add pizzazz to the outfit!

From Broadway said...

The marc jacob ones are so cute!