these two people

My parents.

Seriously some the best people in all of God's creation. I couldn't have asked for more loving and supportive people to raise me and stand by me. They have supported me through all my life endeavors, good and bad, some they agreed with and some they didn't. My mom and dad have truly taught me how to love! How to live! How to give and forgive. I hope I can be a parent like them someday. I hope that God blesses me with a life that I'm able to give back to my posterity because of who they have been to me! These two brave people, without them, I would not be in this free land! Without their courage and faith and wisdom, I would not be who I am today. They are above and beyond type parents and the type of love they have for me, for all of me, is out of this world.

They are leaving to visit Romania for two weeks and I will miss them greatly! Va iubesc

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