I can post about creation too

I have a fellow good friend and blogger, Whitney that I speak about every so often. She lives in Utah and posts these gorgeous photos of her exciting hiking adventures. Well, I also have a friend, Corwin who appreciates the vast beauty of the sky and sees it with a unique eye. So I have learned to take more notice of the sky these days. Here are a few that I took with my iPhone. 

 looks like a fire in the clouds

 cotton candy

I love the movement in the clouds, like its water. 

This makes me so grateful that God is an artist and he paints us a picture in the sky everyday. Its awesome to see his vastness and to feel how small we are in comparison to His power.


Curt, Julie, Claire and Andrew said...

Wow that is amazing! I love you and your eye for beauty.

WhitneyJoy said...

you took those with your eye phone? they are beautiful!

I need to get a real camera so my pictures will actually look good.

Gleenn said...

I love skies, be it noon time, dawn or sunset. In fact, our prenuptial photos were graced by different sky settings.

Fab photo! :)