Clothes need to fit!

Have you recently lost some weight or are in the process of losing more and don't know how to function during the transition? You might not be ready for a total wardrobe revamp just yet, but in the meantime you can't be walking around with saggy pants :). Here are a few inexpensive suggestions.

Staple Pieces

  • You might want to purchase a pair of comfy jeans that fit nicely until you're at your ideal weight. I suggest a slight boot cut leg and a dark wash. This link will take you to a nice Banana Republic pair. (I know I know, I've boycotted it, but it doesn't mean that I still can't share it. 
  • Black slacks- I know it sounds crazy but even a cheap pair from Target will get you by until you're ready to splurge. No matter where you get your clothes from doesn't matter nearly as much as FIT does. If your clothes don't fit (too big or too small) you'll ruin a great piece no matter how much you paid for it! 
  • Skirt- I would buy one cute skirt that you LOVE and that fits you well right now! Go ahead congratulate yourself for making it this far! I like this one from Anthropolgie because it accentuates a small waist line, sits high on the waist for a clean look, while still adding a global quality to it in the textile. 

  • Dress- You could possibly get away with a dress that you can grow out of. Dresses are a fantastic versatile staple! Especially now that boots, tights and jacket season is here!! I recommend an a-line skirt with a soft cotton blend that wouldn't be too clingy. I am in love with this bordeaux one at NM Last Call. Pair it with a high brown boot or tights and some clogs! And you are set to be in Season even in transition! 
  • One more thought, don't go overboard purchasing accessories since they are one size fits all. Save for better splurges later on when you're ready to buy clothes that fit! 
  • If you have some pieces that you love and don't want to part with but are simply falling off of you, always remember to utilize alternations and tailors! It will be well worth it! 

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creativefashionglee said...

Great post, Naomi. I love your new blog. And i agree, you got to pick the help-me-get-by kind of clothes before you´re ready to splurge. A pair of yoga pants are great options too. They´re controversially trending.

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