Vintage Modern Finds

I found a new website that I just love! Its got very unique pieces, silhouettes and fabrics. The prices are reasonable, however my only qualm is that some of merchandise is made of man-made materials rather than natural. And I'm a natural type of girl. Another thing I love about this website is that they name each and every article of clothing with really catchy names, I'll let you see that for yourself. 

Here are a few of my top picks. 

I just love the silhouette of this dress! It comes in navy blue and a pretty rose color too! It seems to be a flattering look for just about any body type. 
Are these rain boots not adorable? Love love them! Love the color and the small size!

Ok, this coat is exquisite! Its intricately made and is certainly a fancy, unforgettable piece!

I love this little quirky sweater. 
And now I just love Mod Cloth!! Check it out for yourself!

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