Christmas Gifts

Aside from an amazing trip to the Caribbean, the gift of family, love, memories and joy! Here are a few of my awesome Christmas gifts I received! 

The most AMAZING hair dryer!! Everyone should own this! Its a dream. It sounds as if it has a quiet jet engine and has cut my hair drying time in half! Great thinking and picking up on subtle hints from Corwin's part!
My mom surprised me with this awesome perfume set! I fell in love with this scent while on our ship and she got it for me! 

My grandmothers graciously gave me some cash so I was able to purchase this new phone!

It was a wonderful Christmas!


creativefashionglee said...

Loving all these items, Naomi! I´m really intrigued with that super hair dryer. Wishing you more blessings in 2012. God bless to you, your bf and family.

Larisa Naomi Constantinescu said...

Thank you Glee! You too!! Hope you and your husband have an awesome year together. Miss you! and good luck with your blogs!

Miss Deja said...

Sounds like Santa was good to you! Love your blog by the way! :)