Make up brush cleaning

The first beauty tip of 2012!!

A good way to start the new year is to wash your make up brushes! First of all, I hope that everyone has a good set of makeup brushes. Please, please, please whatever you do, DO NOT use those little foam brushes that come inside your eyeshadow compact! Go get yourself a good set of makeup brushes. I use Bobbi Brown, if you couldn't have guessed :).

I asked the ladies at Sephora what they use to clean their brushes and they said they use a mild face wash soap, wet the brush and cup your hand and wash the brush in your palm. This could be done every couple of months. You won't believe the dust and color that stays inside those little brushes! Gross! It feels so good to start afresh!

A good daily cleaner that I got is this one below. It works well for a daily cleaner when you are changing eyeshadow colors. Just a few sprays and you're done.

Happy cleaning! And Happy New Year!

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