Anti-aging obsession

Everywhere you turn on the beauty isles, magazines, and designer cosmetic brands, its all about Anti-aging, covering up your lines and wrinkles. Not to mention Bo-tox and other medically treated methods and surgical procedures used to reduce lines and wrinkles. I think that is so preposterous! Who ever said it was bad to age? Isn't it natural and normal? Why can't we just accept normal life processes and get over it? If we spent less time and money worrying about our age, we might actually just be happier and more content people.

So please please please promise yourself that you will not give a crap if you see a slight wrinkle on your forehead or sides of your face! It usually means you've smiled a lot if you have smile lines and isn't that a good thing?! Wrinkles can also signify wisdom and maturity....what's more sexy than that!?

Be proud to be who you are and the age you are! There is not another you!

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