When I worked at the wonderful Neiman Marcus, the Michele watches were all the craze! Mostly this $1079 version or something similar to this. Granted all my colleagues purchasing this were getting close to 65% off at times. Although I coveted these beauties, I never made the investment. 

What is even more important to the story I'm about to tell you is that I have been a lover of watches since I was a little girl, approximately 9 years old. I have collected them all my life. I even got a Senior Watch as opposed to a Senior Ring in Highschool. 

Lately I have been thinking of getting a new more expensive type watch. Of course, my first stop was Neimans and Michele watches. I found nothing under $345. So I then researched a similar style, but they were Michael Kors. Such as the one below. It is about $170 at Neimans Last Call. I liked it, but it was no Michele. 
Well, I didn't make any purchases yet, although I was willing to pay $170 and thought it was a decent deal. The very next day, I saw that there was a Groupon for a Michele tahitian jelly bean watch! For $199! Its not super blingy but, it is what I've always wanted at a price that I have never before seen! Here it is. I can't wait to get it in! Out of all my years in watch collecting, it is the most I've paid, but I'd say its a good investment and one that I won't make for a while. 


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