Rules for Shopping

I must confess, I have done an insane amount of shopping in the past two weeks, mostly due to my daring sister in law, whom I love dearly! During these long day adventures I have mentally made a list of shopping rules to keep in mind.

1. Bring a water bottle! - Its much better than getting an iced beverage because the water bottle can easily slide in your purse and leave you a free hand.

2. Make sure you wear shoes and clothes that you can easily slip on and off for easy trying on.

3. Always ask for a shopping bag to carry around your jacket or sweater, also to reduce carrying around something in your hand. I learned this from the traumatizing experience where I set down my Elie Tahari jacket in H&M (of all crazy stores!) and walked off without it! After mourning it and grieving for two hours, my brother found it on the second floor! Hallelujah! 

4. Make sure you know how much  money you have in the bank! Or know your credit card limit.

5. One thing I always do is make a "mission list" before shopping so I know what my top priorities are. For example, flats, jeans, cardigan, etc.

6. Use a shoulder bag, not a clutch!

7. Make a special place for receipts in your wallet or bags in case you have returns.

8. Remember where you parked, so you're not walking back to your car exhausted and get lost!

9. Pace yourself, always stop for a lunch break.

10. Sign up ahead of time for emails, discounts, or facebook promos, so you know about the sales.

11. Remember to bring and take advantage of coupons you have accumulated.

12. Make sure you are with people that will give you real and honest feedback!

13. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! That's what its all about!


RER said...

Shopping with you is ALWAYS fun! Can't wait for our next "epic" time together!

jenn said...

i love this post! i will always think of this list when i shop from now on!

Larisa Naomi Constantinescu said...

Thanks y'all! Glad it is helpful!!