Marc by Marc Jacobs

After my recent shopping trip in Dallas, and my personal experience at Nordstrom, its my current obsession! They have got great brands and even affordable items! As I came home to peruse the website, of course, my first stop was Marc. Here are my top coveted items and what my vision for each work of beauty is. 

Love this messenger style bag! Its so different from the handbags I tend to go for. It is nice and structured. Its got the best of both worlds as far as color goes, got lots of neutrals and a pop of color. Its nice a roomy, just a must have!!

This cuff is stunning! With all the color that is out right now, a nice subtle color like this is great to balance out the brights. I see it paired with a neon yellow, pink or salmon. 
This turnlock gold bracelet is a must have for me! It will pair perfectly with my new Michele watch!

Who doesn't love this new peplum comeback! Oh the good ol' times when women wore peplum dresses in the fifties and those full feminine silhouettes in their heels, in the kitchen or while vacuuming!  This skirt is a wow factor, both the color and the cut. For me, it screams "Grad Student", therefore I must have it!

Speaking of feminine, this one is quite the opposite. But isn't this just an unforgettable piece! I love it paired with this orange color below. It helps to lighten the look and it feels very whimsy. 

I tend to stay away from this neutral tone close to my face, since I have fair skin. But since this is an overcoat, it will work! It seems to be comfortable and great to sharpen your look! 

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