true beauty

I know I post many posts with beauty tips, fashion finds, and the latest trends. Once in a while I like to take  a step back and draw the focus to what true beauty is.

True beauty, is not really in the make up on your face or about that new great pair of denim. It is about the heart.

When I think of a beautiful woman I think of my best friend, Jenn. She is created masterfully on the outside, yes. But what makes her radiate is the beauty that shines through from her character. She is humble and so patient, easy going. She is not envious and is one of those types of people that is truly happy for good things happening to others, with no thought of herself. She doesn't compare herself to others. She showers compliments on others freely and points out the positives. She is hopeful. She is a hard worker and does not easily give up. She is happy! and laughs a lot! She is a dedicated mother and friend and wife. She is a cheerleader for everyone she knows.

She is my best friend and I can't wait to celebrate her 30th birthday this weekend!

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Miss Deja said...

She sounds like the kind of person I would like to be!