Affordable Fall Trends

As promised, I have included a few super cute Fall Trend pieces that might fit your budget better. Honestly, I don't intend on doing this again unless someone specifically requests it because I find myself getting much more distracted and wanting to then choose things that people might like for their body type. That is a tough feat because everyone that reads this will have both different tastes and body types. So I will most likely talk about specific trends and tips over affordable, buyable versions. I will leave the looking up to you! :) But you can count on me to help you know whats in and what might look good on YOU! 

I simply fell in love with this classic lace dress from Nordstrom, I think it was in the $60 range!
These Topshop shoes are just fabulous! I love the color and the contrast with the black. Also, about $60. 
This casual $30 top has best of both green and blue and has a unique silhouette. 

Happy Fall shopping! Have fun and remember you can still get quality and trend, you don't have to compromise the quality! You just have to know where to look. I enjoy going to Consignment shops like Buffalo Exchange where they carry a lot of current looks for less money! I sold some pieces yesterday and left with $75 in my pocket! Its great making money on clothes!

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