Fall Trends 2012

It is Fall and I'm back to blogging!
Here are some of the exciting things to look for this fantastic Season!

Amazing, artistic digital prints!

How to wear it: Make sure you are choosing a color palette that brings contrast to your skin tones. And choose a print that is smaller rather than larger. Not everyone looks great with a large print. 

Mixed greens! Accessories and all! I love this trend!!

How to wear it: Go ahead and dig out all the greens you have in your closet, make sure and put aside the items that are strictly summer pieces, that will not look current. Create some great looks with what you have, pair it with black or jeans, find some shoes you have to accentuate your shade of green. I would still suggest buying a fresh accessory in green, accessories are always a great way to stay on top of fashion, without buying a whole new wardrobe. If you really love this trend, go out a buy a dress or great sweater to show off!

Leather leggings! 

How to wear: Now this can be tricky for a couple reasons. First off, leather is expensive! These Alice + Olivia ones are the cheapest ones at Neiman for $297! Also, these leggings aren't always flattering for everybody and depending on what you pair it, pay special attention to where your top is hitting you. Sometimes, it can make you look larger if your top or tunic stops at the largest part of you. You can always put a smaller jacket or cardigan on top to show off a smaller waist. If you are a woman who is blessed with bony legs and a perhaps a fuller torso, this is a great way to show off your twigs! But please don't go buy the $8 pair at Wet Seal, at least put in a decent investment, leather never goes out of style! 

Navy!! Another royal and beautiful color that is so slimming and classic! 

How to wear it: You can't really go too wrong with navy, do not be afraid to pair it with black as shown here. Throw out the old faux pas and be bold! 

Soon, I will post some of these looks with more affordable pieces. I like to start with the original designs, even though it is not something that is affordable for the vast majority of the population, these are what the designer had in mind originally. 

Enjoy the last few days of Summer! I hope this will get you started preparing for your Fall wardrobe!

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