DIY Jewelry Organizer

Many years ago, back in 2003 I determined to make a jewelry organizer that you can actually hang and SEE your jewelry. So I bought some wood, hinged it together and painted it in an artsy manner so as to sort of be a form of art. I have used it since and even made some for other people. But it was time for a change. I have been wanting to make a wall hanging jewelry organizer. So here's what I did today.

Got a cork board and painted the metal edge with acrylic paint. Allow to dry between coats. 

Then painted the cork black, two good coats. 

Printed some Chevron designs and attached a wall mounting hook.

Painted the chevron, turned out much messier than expected, so I had to do some major touch ups. Used quite a bit of white paint to make sure it was bright enough. Then I got too excited to finish and stopped taking pictures. But I then screwed in a white metal shelf that I bought from Ikea a while back. And hung up my jewelry on it!
This is the finished product!

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