Being Grateful

For those of you who follow my blog regularly, might have noticed very sporadic posts. This is due to a number of reasons, but the reason I will highlight for today's purpose is that I wasn't grateful enough. I find it appropriate to include a list of things I am grateful for since it is exactly one month until November 22, Thanksgiving Day. Nothing wrong with starting early!

The beautiful sun which provides us UV rays and keeps our Earth alive.
Music that brings our senses and emotions to the forefront
Friends who love deeply and reach out
Family that understands and doesn't judge
God's daily provision
The fact that we are never alone, whether or not we acknowledge it is up to us.
The gorgeous nature all around us! Water, trees, animals
The innocence of children and their ever expanding minds
Opportunities to grow and develop and learn
Love -- whether found or lost, it is an unexplainable beautiful thing
Painted nails!!
My amazing brother who has always loved me pretty perfectly
My education which I value so high
Church--singing to God and hearing Him.
Fresh fruit and yummy POM juice!
October weather and falling leaves!
Biking in nature
Heartfelt conversations with compassionate friends
When God humbles us
Getting excited about TV shows
Shopping for cheap crap :)
A darn good foot rub
Wearing skirts and boots
Real good honesty
Asking the hard questions and being open to the hard answer
Home cooking
"I love yous"

Happy Season of Gratitude!

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