Do women dress for men or for other women?

This is such an interesting question. I tend to think women dress for women and fashion. I love to follow fashion trends, but now that I have an amazing man in my life, I actually do care about what he thinks of what I'm wearing. Guys know what flatters a figure and what doesn't. They might not be able to put their finger on it, but they just know if something looks off. I have made the decision to dress for my body type over dressing for the latest trends. Some trends are not meant to flatter every figure. Since I'm petite I have to watch the large oversized shirts that can swallow me whole and hide my shape. Guys do like to see a woman's figure and I think we should be aware of that.

The same is true with hair. I think lots of men do care about hair. We just like to chop it off and make it funky and crazy. Some guys might like that, but I think we should check with them before doing anything too drastic. The new Miley Cyrus haircut, is hip and all, but do men really find it flattering? I don't know, ask a guy and find out.

Below you will find some no-no's that I created on Polyvore.

I do love these pants, but I don't care how cute you are, you can't make this sweater look good. 
Switch the sweater for something like this. Has attitude, shows your rougher side and your shape better. You still get the Christmas colors too. 

This is a good start and hopefully gives you an idea. I can put up some more do's and dont's soon. Happy Christmas sweater wearing!

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