Spring Handbags

I checked my usual style go-to, the Neiman's site and noticed the new collection of handbags. They are much more dainty, streamlined, and with a touch of vintage. Over the past few years bags have gotten bigger and bigger. It looks like they are starting to slowly go down in size.

For the purpose of this blog, I will post ones that I would actually want to own. To view the entire collection, you can see the variety and the vintage feel here.

I love these colors! I'm not much of a Satchel person, but this Chloe bag is just gorgeous. 

This Colorblock Marni bag is just a perfect work of art. I'd take this for sure! I love the size that its not too big or too small. 

I couldn't not post this beauty! What doesn't say Spring louder than this Dolce & Gabbana Raffia Floral bag? 

Check out the whole collection and point out your favorites! 

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