How to pull off a super simple wedding with style!

Our very non-traditional wedding....A guide to keeping it simple, what worked and why.

The Proposal: Still waiting on this to happen! But I have been promised it will happen. He still did ask for my father’s blessing though!

The Ring: One ring to rule them all! Easy and still just as meaningful. 

Dinner the night before: no rehearsal, we just winged it! But we had a nice dinner for our immediate families to meet for the first time. It helped everyone feel more comfortable for the big day and was great to actually have time interact with everyone in an intimate setting! I highly recommend doing an intimate family dinner before the ceremony.

The big day! I actually spent the whole day with my fiance! We woke up together, traveled to our destinations together, were all cute and excited together! I LOVED that he was a part of everything I did! We had a pre-wedding sit down brunch with all the guests. The lunch was casual and it was fun to feel casual with everyone. THEN I changed at our Aunts house and the groom was surprised when he saw me transform and walk down the aisle with my daddy.
Venue: We chose a beautiful backyard of a close family members house! It kept it simple and less traveling involved.
Reception: We did Sprinkles cupcakes (that we pre-ordered and each guests got to pick his own flavor), and champagne and coffee. Also really simple, allowing for some celebration but too much to distract everyone from getting to be together.

Music: ipod connected to speakers-easy.

Photography: We were blessed to have found an excellent photographer that didn’t break the bank. Justinblackphotos.com

Officiant: MY BROTHER!! How cool is that!?!

Flowers: My mom did a fantastic job! All I said was that I want all white flowers, don’t care what kind.
Dress: With such a short amount to plan, there’s no way I had enough time to have my own dress designed (which is what I would have wanted). So I decided to get a white dress that’s not a wedding gown. I was thrilled with what I ran across at Neiman Marcus Last Call! I loved the long sleeves and the lace dressed it up a lot. It being short was just fine for me!

The day was just perfect! I will never forget the exhilarating feeling of staring into my excited groom’s eyes and realizing “This is it!” and feeling 100% elated and at peace and thrilled to be marrying the man of my dreams! What made the day the best was our love and excitement!!

Regrets: Since, I was obviously pregnant when we got married (many of you may have figured this out), it all happened a bit more quickly than anticipated. We wanted to marry regardless, but due to insurance reasons, needed to make it happen more quickly, because of this many of our dearest friends were not able to be there, thus we didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsmen. No regrets on being pregnant though! :)
BUT---we would like to have a celebration to meet the baby and greet the happy couple come Fall...hopefully :)


Sophie Dufour said...

Love it. Love you. Once again, congrats my friend!

The Dalton's said...

Congratulations Naomi!!! What an exciting and perfect day!! That little one is blessed to be coming into such a loving family! So excited for you guys.

Caytie said...

Alright you crazy, sneaky girl! I am SOOOO happy for you! John told me last week that you were getting married from looking at his Facebook account! I just realized I follow your blog and saw your hubby post. I loved your husband post! It reminds me of a conversation we had a few years back (like. . .7!?!)

Motherhood ROCKS!!! My little 7 month old blesses me daily, I KNOW you will be an AMAZING MOTHER!!! :)

Whitney Shepard said...

You look sooo stink'n happy, still can't believe I haven't met this guy. I loved falling in love together... what a neat experience.

I am thrilled everything came together for your big day!