Characteristics of an outstanding husband

  • He always wakes up with a smile and a kiss for me!
  • He is very positive, even during trials, he looks on the bright side!
  • He cheers me on on my accomplishments and on what is important to me. 
  • He encourages me to  use my talents.
  • He teaches me how to play basketball, frisbee golf and other sports.
  • He tells me I'm beautiful everyday!
  • He is respected at work and does a fantastic job.
  • He eats healthy with me and cares about the health of our baby.
  • He always greets me with a huge hug after work.
  • He calls and emails while he's at work!
  • He loves all the food I make and loves leftovers. 
  • He happily makes sacrifices for the good of the family. 
  • He cares about my happiness greatly.
  • He is an excellent leader.
  • He makes sure we pray everyday!
  • He appreciates even the small the things I do.
  • He is never critical of me.
How to win the best wife award: 

Find things everyday to love and respect about your husband everyday, praise the good and ignore the annoying stuff! Replace every negative with a positive, in your mind. 

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Whitney Shepard said...

You are the best, you deserve the best.