Up until last week, I had no clue what a labyrinth was. It was at our birthing class, that I learned what it was. Our teacher had us draw a labyrinth with chalk pastel and then trace our finger from start to finish. The significant thing about a labyrinth is that there is only one way in and one way out. We drew in chalk so we would purposefully get a little messy which signifies childbirth and also the journey of birth. This exercise really hit home to me. As I was tracing I would find myself saying things like, "this part is easy" "this part is complicated" "looks like I'm almost done by not quite" "okay, almost there""don't want to get too messy".... all these phrases are things that quite possibly might go through my head during natural childbirth. I'm happy to have a glimpse of an understanding of the process. That's one of the reasons we chose this particular class, since it was very art and hands on based. 

I'm excited to embark in our labyrinth journey when our little one is ready to come out and greet us!

Also, there is this really cool website, where you can see labyrinths from all over the world! Its pretty awesome! 

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