Gender neutral bright colored Nursery

We are all ready to meet our baby, find out the gender, give she/he a name, and pour on the hugs and kisses!

Here is our nursery that just came together piece by piece. The only vision I had in mind initially was bright primary colors. I used my old rug and low Ikea shelf that I had in college and loved. I made the curtains, inspired by an Ikea fabric, but decided to draw on them myself and thought that yellow backing would add a nice glow.

 I really wanted white baby furniture that I got off Craig's List! Other big pieces are also from Ikea and all the adorable handmade black and white items were from my Black and White themed baby shower made by my best friend and sister! I threw in some drawings of my husband's and paintings painted by his late Aunt. Gotta throw some art in the mix!

Take a look...

Our collection of lovable friends given to us by lots of loving people! 

Already started a great book collection!!

The baby wreath I made, one piece on the right fell off because I was so ready to hang it and didn't let the glue dry enough. 

Please forgive my very amateur photography skills. I hope you found this somewhat inspirational, but it will be sooo much better when our brand new little human will reside there! Just a month away!

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Miss Deja said...

This is just adorable, I love it all! So cute for a gender neutral room, I love it! :)