A Blogger's Confession

Ok guys, I need to publicly confess something and it has to do with a nighttime beauty routine. I am going to be totally honest here, as shameful as it may sound.

I was never great at washing my face every single night, but after I had a baby and now live a completely sleep deprived life, its something I struggle with even more. I just want to crash into bed so I can get at least two hours of sleep before the baby wakes me up again and that is my only priority. But then during a 2am feeding and my face feels disgusting, I'm kicking myself for not taking the five minutes to do my nightly routine. 

I have tried so many different incentives. I have bought myself really expensive Bobbi Brown regimens so I would be more motivated. I have told myself if I go seven days straight I'll get myself a pedicure. But the truth is, I'd get that pedicure either way ;) 

So here, I am....my LAST resort. A public, full out confession on the World Wide Web. I figure I can't let the world down now! I just need some help staying on track!

MY GOAL---wash my face every night for seven days in a row. Last night was night number one. So that's February 5th-February 12th. 

MY PRIZE---I will buy myself a Clarisonic or DDS cleansing brush! If anyone has any recommendations, they are very much welcome!

Wish me luck! I will report back, hopefully with the good news!

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