New Mom Style Guide

Its a whirlwind when you finally get to hold that baby in your hands and all of a sudden you carry a mantle of life provider for this infant. Amidst all your bodily and hormonal changes not to mention lifestyle changes that come with a baby, also comes adjusting your own wardrobe.

I remember the day after Eve was born and my uterus had begun to shrink, I couldn't wait to put on normal clothes and get out of my pajamas, even just for an hour! I wanted to feel normal again and walk around. After recovery, I now make it a daily goal to GET DRESSED...even if I'm stuck in the house nursing a baby nearly every hour and fighting her to take a nap. I'm a much happier mom when I am dressed for work, working as a mom!

 First time we took her to a restaurant. BCBG skirt and Joe Jeans silk button down top. Handbag and diaper bag in one. 

Needless to say, my style has had to make some alterations to fit my new lifestyle. I acquired a lot of nursing friendly tops, with wide v-necks and cottons to handle frequent laundering and lots of baby spit up. I got some from Target, Loft, and Nordstrom Rack. I try to wear things I don't have to care about getting dirty. I wear lots of comfy leggings also from Target, Loft, and H&M. But I definitely have a couple super comfy jeans to really feel dressed on days when I need to. 

Speaking of jeans----I highly recommend buying a new pair of jeans for your post-partum body as soon as that baby comes. Even if you plan on working hard to get your body back, you will feel a hundred times better in a pair of jeans that properly fit around some of those extra love handles than your old super tight skinny jeans. That will only depress you if you try those on two weeks post partum.  

For me, I felt closest to my "old self" after the first three months. Before then, I still felt sort of not in my own body. 

Shoes--get a couple of super comfy go-to shoes. You want to wear things you enjoy wearing while also being practical. I prefer a couple of great flats that are casual, a few sneakers, and other "mom/walking" shoes.

Going out---Even when I know I will be away from the baby for while, I am always prepared to nurse no matter what. Just in case I need to right before I leave or right when I walk through the door, I still dress accordingly so that my outfit is nursing ready. That means, no dresses for quite a while! Oh well! (unless they have buttons) 

---when I go out, I like to wear heels. Thats my way to feel like a non-milk machine and to feel like a plain ol' woman...I bring out the heels!
Four months post-partum...Michael Kors heels. 

Some great tanks are awesome to wear underneath shirts if you plan on nursing in public. I love the nursing clip on tank from Amazon, Undercover Mama. 

Nails---its a small detail, but even as small as painted nails will help you feel fresh!

Jewelry--I had to go shopping for some baby friendly earrings....non-dangly, and some more dainty and less bulky necklaces. I used to be a huge bracelet person, but its not so friendly when your baby is trying to rest her head on your clunky accessories. 

Finding yourself as a new mom, is a very important transition. Its filled with wonder, newness, excitement and some frustration, confusion and lots of sleepless nights. It takes a while to feel comfortable in your new skin, just embrace where you are because that baby is more important than even the most luxurious new trends. You might be surprised to learn some new things about yourself in the journey as well! Fashion will always be around, your baby won't always be a baby. Take care of yourself in whatever ways that feed your soul most. If that's being trendy, then go for it! 

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