Maternity Wardrobe Essentials

The dress above is Marc by Marc Jacobs and is non-maternity.

I survived my pregnancy only purchasing 3 maternity tops and one pair of shorts!!!

Now--- before you flip out...there a slight catch. This does not include borrowed clothes and gift card purchases. ;) More on that in a bit.

Here's how I tackled the fashion dilemma and what my emphasis was throughout the months:

1. My first goal early on was to wear every last bit of clothing I already owned for as long as possible. I bought the bella band and wore non maternity jeans until I just couldn't take it anymore. I utilized all my looser fitting clothing.

2. I did shop mind you---just not much maternity. I bought a size or two larger and looked for the looser cuts of fabric. I highly recommend this method! First off, its MUCH cheaper! Secondly, I found them more comfortable than some maternity stuff.

3. Luckily, I have a fabulous friend Fran, who so generously lent me some super stylish maternity clothes! Her Asos skinny jeans were a lifesaver!! And a super duper light weight olive green pair of shorts! So, I highly recommend borrowing where you can!

4. Also, I received a gift card to Gap and totally took advantage of some maternity denim shorts, a tank and a tee. They have served useful and pretty comfy too.

5. I bought a tank top from Target and although I wore it quite a lot, I wouldn't go back there next time. The fabric was way too low quality, and made me itch. I did buy a couple elastic waist band skirts that were great staples. The other store where I was happy purchasing maternity was H&M! They had some really cute tops and were pretty affordable. I bought like 4 non-maternity mini skirts from H&M which have been amazing! They are easy to wear, wash, and pair anything with! These last three-four weeks, I won't be wearing them much, since I pretty much can't close my legs at this point. :)

6. The non-maternity clothes that I purchased were mostly from Banana Republic Outlet, Loft and TJMaxx. I tried to get good brands so the clothes would hold up really well.


Try to buy as much cotton stretch as you can, I HATED cotton by the end, but its worth it to help you be able to have room to grow. It also prepares you for having a slobbering baby as well. Silk and spit up doesn't mesh too well.

In case you aren't familiar with pregnancy sizing... its basically your same size...depending on how tightly or loosely you like your clothes to fit. But when your belly is huge, too tight is not much fun. 

My life savers were my solids and staples! A good long skirt, good pair of jeans, colors that go with anything like black, white, red, etc. Those pieces saved me! Again, I nearly wanted to burn every single item I had by the end, but hey, I saved a lot of money! And trust me, most of your maternity clothes you won't want to wear again after that baby comes, so it pays to make a little go a long way. 

Under garments--- I'm HUGE on having nice under garments! What you wear underneath helps you feel better about the outside! I pampered myself in this area. I regularly bought Victoria's Secret bras and panties as my size changed. I don't regret this at all! Even though, those bras are obsolete now, since they weren't nursing bras. In retrospect, next time I may splurge on fancy nursing bras to wear during pregnancy. 

Pajamas---You better get the most luxurious and comfortable things to sleep in! Sleeping is a challenge enough when you're pregnant and you don't want your clothes to bother you either! Stick to light weight and airy fabrics. No matter what time of year you are pregnant, you will most likely be warm!

Workout clothes---There were quite a few tanks and tops on the market that were designed to fit loosely. Those were super comfy! I didn't buy any work out clothes that were specifically maternity. Just went up a size in looser cuts of fabric.

Overall the key to having a great pregnancy is to be good to yourself! So do whatever you feel good about and wear what you feel good in! Good luck and remember, it will be over before you know it!

Maternity top from H&M, non-maternity skirt from Target

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