The Passion You Run To

It feels so good to work for something. I have found a new love in my life and that is physical fitness. I have been excercising for years and have always enjoyed it. Then it sort of became a mental need and escape for me to go running. After that it meshed into a passion, a desire, a habit, a given part of the day. It inspires me, motivates me, gives me a goal to achieve and keep reaching higher for. I am currently training for a marathon hopefully in 4-8 months or maybe even two by then! I just found out about this race http://nikeplus.nike.com and its kind of short notice, but I want to take the opportunity and start my motivating mission! I need everyone's support so please lend it friends. When I find out more on the upcoming Marathons I will keep you posted so people can plan on being there at the finish line!

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