Ease on down the Road

To me this image means "torn". The past week I have been doing a little of everything. The trainer gave me a super hard leg work out and about three miles on the treadmill, which I loved! It helped me focus on enhancing some of the tiny muscles that are easily looked over. After being pretty sore from my session, Yoga was my relief. So I focused on my friend Denise Austin for a few days to get my legs feeling refreshed. (The second layer of torn) But I knew I needed to get back into running. Today came my four mile day....

I don't know what it was, but I was sort of dreading it. It opened my eyes that running/training is not always going to be easy. Its a constant push, focus, goal oriented drive. I don't particularly like to be in pain so I guess that's one thing I need to get over.

So I got on the treadmill with determination. My second mile I decided to run a little fast, the third was a comfortable speed and by the fourth I was doing great! It really is kind of a mind game . But it was just a mini preparation for my ultimate goal, which will be over three times that. I got a sliver of taste of the determination needed and accomplishment felt afterwards.

Now my being torn has been mended. I am still just as focused on running. Gotta balance it all out.

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JMBMOMMY said...

Thanks for stopping by today :) I am glad you enjoy -- my journey isn't always polished but it is real and I am learning a lot about God's character and His Grace.