Fashion at your Fingertips

In honor of NYC Fashion Week and my previous employer, I will disclose some of my top picks and let you guys that might not follow fashion as closely, in on what to look for this Fall. I think its exciting to be inspired by the designers and since I was in on these trends since beginning of Spring (NM is the first to know everything!) this should be fun!

Calvin Klein
Isn't this just a constructed work of art. I have always been a minimalist and appreciated this aspect of his work. But seriously, although its minimalistic the dress takes on a life of its own, as if its moving independently of the model.
This season you will see this look as well as it's complete opposite.

Vera Wang
I chose this one mainly to talk about the trends. Silk and Satins will be everywhere. Incorporate them even with wools, tweeds, jeans, anything you normally wouldn't have. This dress could easily be paired with a pair of tights and booties.
Another thing that's hard to miss is the over sized chain necklace! Big bulky jewelry baby! Get used to it!

Doesn't this look so comfortable! Being an owner of one of his dresses I had to include it because I have experienced the comfort. You can work, play, sleep in it and you practically don't feel a thing. I am a big fan of African American models so I gotta show my support. I also love the whole look, the shoes, the red clutch! Did you notice the pocket? If you haven't noticed yet, pockets are in almost any garment now...yes nighties, and even wedding gowns! Its about time!
One more thing to note is that usually the runway pieces are shortened and the neckline is lowered.

Rock & Republic
Had to include one for the guys. My favorite, black and white everywhere for the men! Sometimes with a pop of color. The narrow tie! Cardigans all over the place (for women too, belted). I think I would flip if I saw a guy I know daring enough to wear white jeans by the way.
One inexpensive way to look up to date this season is to raid your closet for anything berry color it is saturating the industry right now!...for you girls that is.

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