I like to go Funning

I was blessed to spend a weekend visiting some of my dearest friends, who are like family, it was rejuvenating. I've had some great running experiences over the past couple of days. Saturday morning I was able to run in my neighborhood where I grew up! The weather was perfect all weekend, not too hot. I did the same the next day...I forgot my pedometer so I just ran about 45 minutes and measured later, to find out I ran 3.7 miles! I was so happy! I love feeling super energized after a run and not fatigued.

I got a new Yoga DVD to help my circulation and because it feels so good to stretch my muscles. So I have been enjoying that on my off days. Check out this pose called Krane, I never thought this was possible. Course there are lots of things I have experienced lately that I never thought I would experience. Its great to have an open mind about life.

I have also joined a gym to be able to strength train and build muscle. I would like to go to the gym on my running days as well. I will have a personal trainer for a month to learn what is best for me. I'm pretty pumped.
Today's Stats (two runs) and 30 minutes of Yoga
5 miles
70 minutes


Anne said...

that Krane pose will forever be my downfall.. literally. I always just THINK I'm having a good day. Then there's a headstand or Krane pose. Anything even remotely upside down.. oh, it's so sad.

Glad to see/read that the training is going and going. Keep it up!

larsita said...

you are inspirational, naomi! i need to get in better shape! and now that my puppy has had all of his shots & he is full of energy... i'm doing (slightly) better!

The Dre said...

HEY SISTER! I Finally checked the blog! WHOOOP! Glad you went running in our old Neighborhood I miss the Duck Pond and you...

i had fun hangin' with ya these last few days!

Dre :)

Alana - The Mommy said...

Hey Friend! I am so excited about your goal to run a half marathon. I would love to be at your finish line! You ROCK!

Also, I too love Coldplay!