Gift Ideas

As you might have guessed, Neiman Marcus is a great go-to place for gift ideas. They offer exclusive products that you can't find elsewhere and you know you're getting quality that's also timeless. Every year they put out "The Christmas Book" thats got gifts that are out of this world. Here are a few I've chosen for people like you and me. To find them you can search for gifts under $100. 
Yes, even men need facial products. This $50 deal, is an excellent value, and I would hope that your significant other cares enough about himself to embrace a gift like this. And actually use it!

Its really hard to find a good manly rain jacket. This one is simple, has all the fixins and comes in red, black and navy for only $48. Its a steal and a staple in a man's wardrobe!

What lady wouldn't love these classic Michael Kors Hoops! For $75, they last a lifetime!

Ok now, don't even get me started on my anti-uggness! Sorry people, they are what their name says...ugly. Now, that being said, who wouldn't want these flashy earmuffs! You can go big when it comes to earmuffs because they are big as they are, not like those crazy boots!!

That's pretty much all I have for now. I tried to narrow down some cute kids gift ideas, but I was ooing and ahhing over every one of them. Check them out, here. Happy Shopping! And remember don't go too overboard!

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