Lia Sophia Jewelry

I have been an avid jewelry lover and collector since as long as I can possibly remember. Jewelry can be tricky because it can be so trendy and fleeting, while at the same time adds millions to your outfit! Since I'm such a sucker for quality but don't have hundreds of dollars on hand, it is a fine balance for me to find the right pieces. I usually mix and match. I like to have and collect fine quality jewelry, I also like to wear really fun and youthful things, since I work with children. I always love a good conversation piece, or show stopper! I'm all about the wow factor! With accessories you can be more daring than the actual clothing. 

This last October, I was invited to a Lia Sophia Jewelry party. Knowing what I know about companies that do catalogue, in home sales rather than retail (i.e. Mary Kay, Pampered Chef), I knew the product was most likely good. Not only was it a fun time to be with ladies and get dressed up, but it was also awesome to touch, feel, try on this amazing jewelry right in front of me! Not to mention that I won a free bracelet in one of the games! Can't beat free stuff! While attending the party, I saw the many perks of hosting a party and I was sold! You get an insane amount of free/discount jewelry!! It was huge incentive for me. 

Now I am not an internet shopper! I have to be able to look at and touch and feel an item that I want to buy. But attending the party and being able to see this jewelry really makes it all the more amazing. If you weren't able to attend the party I threw, please take my word for it that this stuff is amazing! Each piece is extremely lightweight! The gold has been dipped seven times and the silver is made of rhodium, that has platinum in it. Plus each piece has a lifetime guarantee! Whoever you are, please take a minute and look at this beautiful collection! Enter my name (Naomi Constantinescu) as the hostess and Meghan is the sales rep. Take advantage of the amazing deal of buy one get two half off!! And the most expensive at half off!! Who does that!? 

Enjoy and feel free to email me or comment me with any questions. 

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

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